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We at Gurukrupa Real Estate, willing to provide you with your dream residence. We deal in all types of residential properties across Ahmedabad's multiple locations. We can ensure you that we'll find the best suitable residential projects which fulfil your requirments the best. We have the complete range of properties listed for you as well as expertise in providing you with all types of residential properties ranging from apartments to plots at best rates.All legal and financial services between the start and end of the deal are provided by our team. at a good market price.


The business location is one of the prime reason for its success. A business located in well versed area is bound to attract more clients and we at Gurukrupa will ensure the you are provided with the best attainable corporate location. Our proficient workforce is well versed is providing you with locations which are best suited for your business.All legal and financial services between the start and end of the deal are provided by our team. If you want your business to flourish around your target customer base then we at Gurukrupa will bring you the best commercial property in Ahmedabad. You can trust our services for finding the best location for your business. Our rich database and experts team will help you to find the best workplace around your business needs.

Land and Farmhouse Services

Land is an asset which has manny different uses including building houses, factory or using it for agricultural purposes. We at Gurukrupa real estate not just stop at searching and showing you the land of your choice but we will also be there to carry out all the legal formalities in time. We will bring the best deal in the market for you and support you throughout the process of land acquisition. our expert team and rich experience in finding the best agricultural land in and around Ahmedabad..

Leasing Service

With rental deals getting more hyped during recent years in different cities, most leasing services and even the rental clients for both residential and commercial projects are locked in never-ending tiffs over the clauses of their rent agreement. Without a firm and experienced mediator, the ideal "connect" is lost. heres how we come in play:-

We offer flexible renting/ leasing services to property owners and the tenants

As an ideal partner, we help you overcoming various decision based on requirements and budget through our large database of properties and our expertise during the years.

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